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The Time and Attendance Solution.

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Efficient tracking of employee hours is crucial for a successful business.

Using NeoPeople’s user-friendly platform, you can streamline your time and attendance process and drive your business forward.

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People Center

Managing the Team Members of your organization has never been easier.

People Center

Get rid of the paperwork! Easily manage all team members, hire and onboard new hires, and view team directories & org charts—all in one centralized location.

Time Off

Focus more on actually having fun and less on the process of getting there.

Time Off

Eliminate the back and forth emails! Manage time off requests, implement simple approval workflows, and get notifications—all this with just a few clicks.

Time & Attendance

Easily track attendance, prevent time theft, and save money.

Time & Attendance

Put an end to manually tracking time & attendance. No more guessing when employees clock in/out, getting late approvals from supervisors, or worst of all—inaccurate paychecks!

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NeoPeople was founded with small businesses in mind. With teams of people being the most important part of an organization, having an affordable and reliable Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is vital.

That’s where NeoPeople comes in!

We’re people advocating for people.

The HR Software That Is Trusted Unique Affordable For Your Business

Why NeoPeople?

A deep desire for less paperwork.

Over the years, the NeoPeople team has become extremely efficient in finding and addressing ways to combat the use of multiple spreadsheets and paper files to store employee data. We have streamlined Human Resource operations making it possible for you to manage paperwork easily and digitally.

Our Clients Say

We love hearing feedback from our clients and appreciate all feedback! It’s reviews like these that keep our motivation strong as we strive to give the very best to our amazing clients.

NeoPeople is passionate about the service we offer, and by reading the reviews of our clients, we can both improve the service we provide to them and learn from them.

"Our Payroll process was manual before and now fully automated and easy to execute. We now run payroll in less than a day."
Rouchelle Usher
HR Admin - Prudential Management Firm
"By using NeoPeople, we were able to run payroll in 15 minutes as opposed to our usual 4 hours."
Claude Burrell
Certified Public Accountant & Auditor - HLB Belize, LLP
"I used to have to work all day until midnight running payroll, but now with NeoPeople, I'm prepared on time. The benefits definitely outweighs the costs."
Alberto Barrera
Human Resource Manager - Ka'ana Resort

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