Stop paying so much to run Payroll.

Feel at ease and be confident knowing that your people are always paid the right amount, and on time.

Fully integrated payroll solutions that handle the heavy lifting are hard to find—and expensive! We’ve made it affordable so that you can do more of what matters most: taking care of your people and growing your business.

Our fully integrated system is easy to use, and designed to help you pay your salaried, hourly, full-time, or part-time team members with ease in all 50 US states. You’ll also get unlimited payrolls so there’s no limit to how many people you can pay!

Tax Calculations

Seamlessly manage benefit, deduction and garnishment calculations for employees in all fifty states, and stay compliant across 6,000+ US taxes.

Streamline and enhance your payroll tax processes and virtually eliminate the burden associated with employer and employee tax calculations.

Movement of Money

Ensure your team members are paid correctly and on time. Whether you want to customize payment frequency, include allowances, deduct loan repayments, or even issue paper checks. And best of all? No extra fees for running multiple payrolls at once or for paying employees in every state in America!

Tax Filings

Accurately generate and submit quarterly, annual, and estimated tax filings to agencies, and easily report on periodic and cumulative withholding.

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Data Security

All data that is shared with NeoPeople is kept confidential. We will never share your data with other individuals or organizations.