Performance Management

Custom appraisal forms, automate distribution, and send out timely reminders to make employee evaluation less of a headache.

Do you want to build a performance management program that people love? We’re here to help.

Easily design reviews that uncover talent and inspire growth, as well as drive meaningful conversations around feedback. And it’s all designed to help HR leaders run their performance program from end-to-end. Our HRMS is easy to set up, so you can start collecting data right away. And with our dashboards, you’ll be able to access performance insights that will help you make faster talent decisions—and use those insights to make sure you’re building the right team for your business goals.

360° Reviews

While appraisals help employees understand their work better, feedbacks from multiple superiors allow you to collect reviews from the people they actually work with. This helps to reduce biases, making evaluations more fair and meaningful.

Role-Based Evaluations

Not all jobs are the same. That’s why we allow you the flexibility to evaluate specific roles based on customized criteria for that role. You wouldn’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, would you?

Customizable Performance Forms

Measure achievement of objectives, development of competencies, and application of company values—all in one place. The best part is, you have the flexibility to customize every form based on your company’s needs.

1-1 Meetings

Stop over-thinking meeting agendas. Let our research-backed templates guide you through more meaningful conversations. Come prepared with talking points so that everyone is focused on priorities, challenges, and progress toward goals. This ensures everyone is on the same page, engaged, and set up for success—both individually, and for the overall business.

Public Praise

Give a public shoutout or thank someone for a job well done. Let them know their contributions were meaningful and appreciated. Public praise can significantly help with feelings of belonging and a willingness to stay with the company longer.

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All data that is shared with NeoPeople is kept confidential. We will never share your data with other individuals or organizations.